Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Film Called Fuckhead.

For those fortunate enough to have glimpsed my batshit insane (read: hopelessly sleep-deprived) Facebookery as of late, you are likely all too aware of the endeavor that consumed my past 72 hours. For those who didn't, a sampling:
5:37 AM—Still shackled to the editing bay through hour 15, I realize that, in order to have broken records in the credit sequence of my movie, I have to, you know, break some records. 
5:52 AM—Back at my dorm, so as not to disturb my roommate / floormates, I take records one by one into the elevator & attempt to break them. 
6:14 AM—I spend the next twenty minutes artfully scattering torn covers & jagged pieces across my floor & panning across them with the camera. 
6:38 AM—I seriously question my decision to become a film major—& feel, on many levels, like a broken record. 
8:52 AM—TRIUMPH, GLORIOUS & SWEET. & with just enough time to snag some breakfast before the screening...
All of this is to say: I made a movie, & it exists, because I made it, & thank God. Without further ado—mostly because my brain currently has the consistency of a deep fried Oreo, but extra mostly because, surprise, I still have 4 short essays to write before sunset—I give you my bizarre lil' explosion of an opus, Fuckhead:

Today's Headphone Fodder:

Because every finals season needs a good playlist—some old, some new, some borrowed, more than a few blue (I may or may not have developed a penchant for instrumental covers of Pixies songs—sorry, not sorry).

Highlights include: said instrumental covers, Garbage's new track, two killer songs by San Francisco bands (Full Moon Partisans & The Abi Yo-yo's)—one of which is a link to a download!—& a tune off M. Ward's latest album that is, without a doubt, the most danceably adorable two minutes you'll hear all day.

[    ^   Listen to it all the way through on YouTube!   ^    ]
Mr. Zebra—Tori Amos.
Somebody That I Used to Know (feat. Kimbra)—Gotye.
That Old Black Hole—Dr. Dog. 
Blood for Poppies—Garbage. 
Hey Sexy—Die Antwoord. 
Venus in Furs—The Velvet Underground. 
Gouge Away—The Vitamin String Quartet (Pixies cover). 
**Raise the Glass—Full Moon Partisans.** [ MP3 DOWNLOAD!!!!
Playground Mutiny—The Abi Yo-yo's.
Yo-yo—Nicola Roberts.
Who's That? Brooown!—Das Racist. 
Take Off Your Sunglasses—Ezra Furman & the Harpoons. 
Wisdom—Gran Ronde.
Bad Girls—M.I.A.
I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You—The Ramones.
Tears Dry On Their Own—Amy Winehouse.
Killer Queen—Queen.
Good Person Inside—Jill Sobule.
The Man Who Sold the World (Live at the Beeb, 2000)—David Bowie. 
I Get Ideas—M. Ward.
No Conclusion—Of Montreal. 
Sister, Do You Know My Name?—The White Stripes.
California Dreamin'—Bobby Womack (Mamas & the Papas cover). 
Where Is My Mind?—Maxence Cyrin (Pixies cover).

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