Friday, October 29, 2010

How to Get Anneliese Excited About a Movie.

I was doing some dutiful clicking around the internet last night, in all my procrastinatory fervor, when I came across a teaser for Daft Punk's soundtrack to the remake of Tron. Though I know the forthcoming film is a massive nostalgia boost for most, I just missed the boat: born too late, I have no real stake in it whatsoever, & was planning to blow it off with little remorse—until I happened to watch the first three seconds of this video, in which I saw a made-up, bleach-mulleted Michael Sheen looking & acting for all the world like a hyper-futurustic David Bowie.

Now, though I won't pretend to be an expert on Mr. Sheen's career, I remember liking him in Frost/Nixon—& his recent turn on 30 Rock as Liz's relentlessly unappealing "settling soulmate," Wesley Snipes, was hilarious, through & through. So, now, seeing him all made-up, hearing that one line acted with such delicious flair—& that cane!—I'm actually jittering a little bit to see this movie.

Apparently, his character is named Castor, &, according to the Tron: Legacy wiki, he's "a vivacious and renowned program in the Grid who runs the End of Line Club at the top of a tower in the TRON city."

Right. Of course. (...)

Well, whatever that means, you can be assured I will at least Netflix this once it comes out on DVD—or maybe I can even overcome my prejudice against 3D movies, rob a bank, & buy tickets to see this one in theaters? I mean, experiencing that glorious cane-as-guitar twirl (1:12), all-encompassing on an IMAX screen... Yes, please!

Today's Headphone Fodder:

This song has been lurking on my computer for a while, but only in the past few days has it become an Obsession—one of those songs I listen to again & again, &, when finally given a moment's respite (to, say, conversate), still sing relentlessly in my head. I'm an utter Ratatat devotee, of course—disciple always to their melting slides of synth—but the big surprise here, at least for me, is how much I enjoy Kid Cudi's contribution. Simple discourse on dreams, dreams & night terrors, timed perfectly & poignantly with the fading glow of music behind it.

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